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Originally Posted by tomse View Post
It just means that you didn't have connection
Just mentioning it in case it might be something that other people are having trouble with..

Not sure if the plugs (that came with my USB/serial adapter) maybe deform just enough to lose the connection if the are plugged in ALL the way, or if the header pins I added might have some coating on them I should have cleaned off..
Haven't tested that yet...

I only mention the pins possibly needing cleaning, even tho they were new, because when I got the clock and battery for my ACA1230, it didn't work. The word from the thread was to clean the connector and the battery a bit, even tho all were new. So I did, and it has worked ever since..

(funny troubleshooting side story.. I couldn't figure out why sometimes the green LED was ON and sometimes it wasn't when I was trying.. Then I finally got it.. When I had my magnifier visor on with it's light ON, the LED looked like it was ON too because it was reflecting the light.. D'oh! ;-)

Originally Posted by Killseeker View Post
Maybe the connector cables I received are faulty. Only paid $5 for the unit, get what you pay for I guess...
The serial ones?
I believe you can test that..
(Haven't tried this tho)

You should be able to connect the send to the receive (nothing with the POWER wires..) and load a terminal program. (Hyperterm or ??)

I would think you should be able to see what you type (echo) if you loop them.
Should be able to test the serial device and it's cables that way..


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