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Originally Posted by DH View Post
The url I actually changed and re-upped the newer image, I just forgot to amend my text

Regarding the "Presents" part, not a problem mate 2 seconds work

The attachment below contains a .png and an .iff format for your convenience

EDIT: It's handy being the person who re-vamped the original EAB logo on here, everything is so easily grabbed etc, so there was very little time required to do what you asked

EDIT2: I hope I haven't put anyone else's noses out of joint, so if anyone else has created something, then please don't hesitate in posting your own results in the thread, would still be cool to see what others have designed/created
top job and many thanks champ.

As for putting other peoples noses out of joint, hopefully no-one will feel like that, but I really did need it done in a hurry, its time to finish this ST conversion off, as its starting to bore me its not completed, i'm itching to do something else
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