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Originally Posted by DH View Post
Hey Galahad mate, that logo was done by me quite a few years ago, so I have the original lurking about my comp somewhere in .psd (photoshop) format somewhere, so I can take out whatever you require easily, and in quite a large size too because it was all completely re-drawn.

I presume the part you want is the "English Amiga Board" writing only?

Just let me know exactly what you need and I'll look into it for you
I'm happy for anything so I can finally get this project finished, i'm keen to start something else

I just don't want a load of people going off and doing it, and me being only able to use one picture and dissapointing people.

I'm really looking for something ASAP so I can include it and then get this intro sequence to fit into 512K. Its not much of an intro, its just better than what the ST version had which was ZERO!
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