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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Yes, it was a typo, it's DW. It crashed before, but not now. You are right what you say about Dopus for your install, so better if DW works right. I will install Dopus anyway for a 030 accelerated A1200.

As long as BB1 asks you for a password, that means its hidden files are copyrighted, at least for me.
Yes, Dopus is a good choice for a 68030 based Amiga 1200.

You are missunderstanding concepts. All BetterWB/Amikit or whatever distro out there, is full of copyrighted files. Then there is a distribution/use license (sometimes EULA) that tells you under which conditions you may use and/or distribute a program. It is not what I think or you think, but what the copyright holder stated. Read the BoingBag documentation, and you will find out it is not ilegal to download it and use it (that was in fact its intended purpose).
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