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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Workbench.library 45.127 is copyrighted but it is freely available. Anyone can download BoingBag#1 and decompress using its password. There is no one stopping you to do that, and that is completely legal

What do you mean by "BW"?

BTW, Dopus 4.17pre20 requires at least a 68020 and 1 or 2MB of ram. So its a definately no for this package.

Yes, it was a typo, it's DW. It crashed before, but not now. You are right what you say about Dopus for your install, so better if DW works right. I will install Dopus anyway for a 030 accelerated A1200.

As long as BB1 asks you for a password, that means its hidden files are copyrighted, at least for me.
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