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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Yes, if you add the Workbench.library of OS3.9 the icons are ok. The only problem is that you can't add a copyrighted workbench.library in an update. Edit: Scalos also shows those icons right.

Why do you use BW in Tools? It crashes if I try to open almost whatever. Dopus 4.17pre20 of AmiKit works great instead.

What Jbnam said about a request about some file missing in Env is true. I found it when I changed the background, saying it coudn't save env/preferences... but it was saved anyway. There is some other similar request about env too but I don't remember where. Edit: Ups, I didn't read your answer sorry.
Workbench.library 45.127 is copyrighted but it is freely available. Anyone can download BoingBag#1 and decompress using its password. There is no one stopping you to do that, and that is completely legal

What do you mean by "BW"?

BTW, Dopus 4.17pre20 requires at least a 68020 and 1 or 2MB of ram. So its a definately no for this package.

Perhaps you meant DW?

DirWork works beautifully. If not, you must have something wrong in your system. It is one of the least resource hungry filemanagers out there, and it is highly configurable. It uses about 70KB of memory and works without trouble on an unexpanded A500.

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