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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Hi gulliver, thanks for your work!

It's the first time I try BetterWB, as I usually use 3.9 on my real Amigas, but since I don't have them here I decided to use a lean 3.1 install for WinUAE.

There's a problem though, when you try to change screen mode in ScreenMode, you get an ENV: error. I presume it might have something to do with the fact that you have implemented EnvHandler? Actually that's just the first thing off my mind, I tried changing some other Prefs and I got the same error. If you want I can take a screenshot.

I don't think I might've done something wrong on my part as I've just clean-installed 3.1 and then applied BetterWB 3.6 on it

Hi, Yes the error appears, but the change is saved anyway. You just need to reboot and the change will take effect.
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