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Connection problems :(

Hi all,

I've read through this whole thread and unfortunately have still not been able to connect to my emulator...

I'm using this serial converter:
With the Silicon Laboratories driver recommended by Windows update.

And bought the Gotek drive from here (the same seller):

I've tried it on XP(86) and Win7, 32 and 64. Have tried it with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 but cannot get a connection via STMicroelectronics Flashloader.

I've checked that the COM ports are the same in Device Manager and the Flashloader and have dropped the speed right back to 1200 baud.

I've run the Flashloader in XP combatibility mode and Administrator under Win7(64).

I've removed the jumper from the programming mode pins (soldered header) and the LED powers up. Once the jumper is replaced it goes off as it should.

I've never seen any of the other LEDs on the converter light up other than the one for power....

And when I run the flash loader I get this message constantly:

I've tried swapping around the RX and TX lines but I receive the same message. I'm starting to think I have a bad converter...

Any help is very appreciated

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