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Cycle exact and real amiga speed

Hello. There is option in newer WinUAE versions which allows to change the CPU speed in cycle exact mode as a factor for original Amiga speed. On my real A500, F-15 Strike Eagle 2 game were always running slow like hell - compared to PC 286/386 version. A500 had 7.14 MHz clock, and I always thought that increasing the clock or changing CPU unit could make the game run much faster.
In WinUAE, the game runs similar slow so I tried to increase cycle exact cpu speed to 14, 28, 60 or 120 (1x corresponds to 3.5MHz). It has affected for the speed of animation in opening screen (where II and plane are rotating) but in game the speed is practicaly the same. Does it mean that even changing CPU/increasing clock in the real Amiga 500 wouldn't have any influence on speed of this game?
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