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Analog gamepad/joystick - problems

Hello. Can someone explain how to properly configure gamepad (Logitech Rumble Pad) with two analog sticks? I tried everything and still can't use my pad in game. The game is F-15 Strike Eagle 2 by Microprose. The game doesn't have any calibration options within, and in XP and Winuae configuration everything looks ok. Pad is configured as analog joystick, test function shows that winuae react normal to changing sticks postition, axis X, Y and Z report ok.
But the game sees that analog stick is angled a little up and little left, so my plane makes barrels for all time, and in game menu, where there is some selection, the cursor is itself going to the highest position of menu. Of course the stick is released and centered in that moments. Game reacts properly when stick is angeled opposite way, but after stick is released the problem returns. I tried gamepad with flashback as digital joystick and everything works ok.
Changing dead zone from 33% to 100% or 0% doesn't change anything.

EDIT: Winuae version (stable), kickstart 1.3, A500.

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