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Originally Posted by copse View Post
download and extract
  1. Open the Property Manager pane.
  2. Select all the projects and add a new project property sheet.
  3. Select the new shared property sheet and add winuaeinclibs\include as an include path.
  4. Select the new shared property sheet and add winuaeinclibs\lib as an lib path.
I've installed VS2010 Express C++, DX_SDK 2010, Nasm, and want to compile WinUAE 2.7.0. I've executed od-win32\asm.cmd to get the hq*x*.obj files, changed all projects to RELEASE, the platformtoolset to V100 and added my include and lib paths. Then compiled build68k, genblitter, gencomp, gencpu, genlinetoscr and finally winuae_msvc10. So far, so good.

Now my problem: the linker complains many times about:
error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol
error LNK2019: reference to unresolved external symbol

and these symbols are probably all resolved in the static libs, which are also listed under additional dependencies and I've added the path to the additional library drawers already, but that doesn't help. This should still work with VC 2008 but VC 2010 needs some "Project to Project References" for the static libraries.

As quoted above, Copse tried to explain that already, but I could not find out how exactly this project has to be created in VS2010Express and how the references have to be made.

Any help appreciated. Some screenshots could be useful. Thank you !

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