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My experience so far has been frustrating. I don't get past the "Unrecognized device" issue, no matter what I do.

I have the PL2303 usb-serial adapter. When I connect the Gotek, the Rx led turns on, very dim, not like the red power led, which is lit very bright. When I try to connect the software in the correct COM port, at same port speed as the system, the Rx light goes off and pops the error.

I reset the Gotek, Rx led turns on dim again, and same result. Unrecognized device... please reset and retry... damn.

I've tried also with an external ATX power supply, no luck.

I've tried reversing the Rx and Tx conections, nothing.

If I turn on the Gotek without the boot jumper, the red led flashes quickly and turns off, and the panel shows "000" as expected. If I leave the USB connected, the Tx led turns on very bright.

Tried on Windows 7 x64, Xp x86, virtual machines and real laptop, all the same.

Tried different USB ports, all the same.

Tested with multimeter for 5v, all good, same bad results.

Tried the UNIX stm32flash method from vext01, and I get this:

stm32flash -

Using Parser : Intel HEX
Serial Config: 57600 8E1
Failed to get init ACK from device
So, I ordered another usb-serial adapter, the CP210x version, to see if I get lucky using that one instead.

I think many of us are getting faulty PL2303 units...

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