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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Having direct control of your armies is only part of it. I desribe RTS as a player starting from a small base. You then have to gather multiple resources, expand the base, create new buildings types, research tech upgrades pump out troops, and then defeat the enemy all in real time.
I.E. 99% of strategy games released today

Real Time Strategy should mean any strategy game that's not played in turns. If two players could play chess against each other at the same time (I.E. not taking turns), it should be a RTS.

And I think Utopia has all the stuff you mentione above, don't ?

Athoulgh I agree the name only appeared after Dune 2. But this name is just marketing stuff. First real strategy game my arse

BTW, Bokosuka Wars is from 1984, if you want to take this contender seriously..
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