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Originally Posted by mc6809e View Post
It's simple:

Pal STs are 50 Hz. NTSC STs are 60 Hz.

The reason you see more STs at 60 Hz and Amigas at 50 Hz is because the ST found early success in North America while the Amiga had more success in Europe, IMO.
This is actually talking about bananas and apples.

The ST screen has a refresh of 72Hz, that's why ST are not working correctly on flat screens and LCD screens.

However, no games are running at 60hz (don't mind 50hz).

Most Amiga games are using 50fps/50hz and 60fps/60hz for NTSC games.

Most ST games have a refresh of 10 to 25fps. Only a few are 50fps.

Even if youtube accepted it, it wouldn't change anything. The same game on both ST and amiga whatever the refresh of the game would be slower on ST, whatever happens.
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