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Thank you all for the replies and for the warm atmosphere. My GVP A500HD+ gives 8mb of RAM to the Amiga yes. That's good to know fryguy. As T_hairy_bootson predicted the metal switch was indeed for either 2.0 or 1.3 KS activation. I was very happy to see again the old white screen with the hand holding the blue disk like in the old times when I was a kid. Games that I had and wouldn't run with 2.0, now run fine when I switch to 1.3. It seems that there are many incompatible ones with 2.0 after all. Are these games recognized as NHOS or something from the workbench or was that for something else? I remember seeing that yesterday when I was checking the disks in the operating system through the use of the HD.

After that I took the decision to open the amiga and take out the battery. Fortunately the battery was not in a very bad shape (blown up from one side though and all the acid was still stuck on it) and the motherboard seemed to be ok around there. With the use of a wrench I managed to take it out after a 4 minute fight (a metal side plate was a pain on the a** because it was well stuck on it) and vacuumed everything after that. I put everything together again and it is now fine. What a relief... I just hate it when it comes to dismantle things and then put them together again but in this case I really wanted to be a part of the amiga's well being. Now it is software exploring time again, laters

P.s. Does anyone need 2 screws that remained? ;p

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