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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
If you already have such a plug-in, we should agree on a pinout. Requests for such pin headers have come from multiple sides, and I'll add them for IEC and stereo-output.
Jens, I don't have a fixed pinout made (I have not made any production boards yet), so I am flexible at this point. I think it would be best to use standard .1" headers. Perhaps a 8 x 1 x .1" (single row, 8 positions) with +5, GND, CLK, ATN, DATA, SRQIN, /RST, and GND again? I might also recommend putting parallel holes for a 4 x .1" header located 1" away from the 8 position header. These could be all ground or +5 and GND, and be stuffed with pins by the user. These would act as a stand off for a plug-in board. I hate boards that just "hang" off of one connector.

Let me know what you decide and I will change my layout to match whatever you are going to use. Thanks!
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