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Mouse Pointer dissapeared..?

Hi it's TC here again not been here for a while but i need some help please.

I have made a CD32 compilation CD available @ total-amiga.

But now i have been trying to get WB to run on a CD32 so i can do another compilation full of WB games etc.

The problem i have is that the Mouse pointer doesn't show up on a REAL CD32 or on Winuae CD32 emu.

It is there but you have to click around blindly.

If i load the WB as a HD on winuae the pointer is there but not if i load it as a CD32 cdrom..?

I have tried the minimum Startup and a normal startup but it doesn't make any diff.

I have tried booting WB without a System-Configuration file but that don't work niether.

Is there somat about the CD32 or Kick 3.1 CD32 roms..?

Any ideas anyone..?
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