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Hi everyone, I am new here but not to the world of Amigas. My father bought my first one (A500) when I was 8 years old (back in 89) and until 95 (Playing on a CDTV too) it was my only concern years passed, my amigas are still abandoned in my parents loft (in another country) and TODAY I took the decision to buy one because the nostalgia grew up to the maximum level. I drove for an hour with the car to a nearby city where a couple was selling an A500 plus and to my surprise I saw that they were also giving with it a GVP A500HD+ (Along with disks, joysticks, boxes, programs, A520 etc.). The price was only 50 pounds for everything... I brought everything back to my place, connected them to my lcd TV but the A520 would not give colour to the TV so I am currently watching in black and white and I have already ordered an amiga rgb to scart. I hope I will see colours with that one. The very helpful guy who sold it to me there demontrated the amiga on a monitor and I saw colours there so I suspect that there is something going wrong with the A520. But enough with the introduction, I will proceed to some questions that I have and I hope you guys can help me:

A. The amiga has a metal switch one the right side, just before the disk drive. It clicks either left or right. Does anyone know what is it for?

B. I saw that amiga 500 plus have leaking batteries and i will soon open it and reap out its battery. Is it ok if i will leave it with no battery?

C. My kickstarter (firmware) is 2.0. Is there a list somewhere with compatible and non-compatible games for that? Can i run all of the A500 games?

That's all for now, more will definitely come soon the more i examine this lovely machine. See you guys around

P.s. I am in love again YEAH
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