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Originally Posted by Turran View Post
Can we still use RGB (scart cable)?

Personally, I can buy a whole lot of working C64s for that price so I'm out as well.
Bug or no bug fix.. never heard of that bug, never affected by it as far as I know, for my gaming =)
You could never use RGB with the C64. Scart cables use either composite or s-video and not all tv's could support s-video.
You can't compare a new board to an old used one. A better comparison would be what a new spare MB would have cost back in the mid-80s.
No games are using VSP as far as I know since it is a relatively new discovery. Maybe some new ones? It is mainly a problem with demos which can crash some 64s. But as it is exploiting a bug, it would not be wise to use it in a game. Thus, the 'bug fix' is not actually a bug fix as I see it, since it is unspecified behavior.

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
If they would sell it also as a kit, or just the board...
Yes, that would be nice since I already have all the chips for it (except the EPROM).

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Adding VGA/HDMI would have involved adding a Chameleon, which is a platform in itself.
Does it have to be that advanced? I mean HDMI supports both 50 Hz and 60 Hz modes, so an ADC with a small FPGA to convert its output to HDMI format with simple pixel and line quadrupling should be less complicated. The output from the C64 is always progressive right? Then it would just output 50 Hz in PAL mode and 60 Hz in NTSC mode. That would also mean smooth motion and low latency. Of course then someone would want scanlines, blurring filters etc. which would ruin the simplicity.

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