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ok, kinda good news from my perspective. I was trawling around a few of those 'income stats' web sites and checked for LemonAmiga. On one site it said the site generated $20 a month. On I discovered the host is in the south of England. Right at the bottom of all that info I saw something called Wayback Machine.

Clicking on this, I found an archive of Lemon Amiga (taken 8th Feb 2014).

The SEARCH doesnt work, but the games archives do, and the popular games like SWIV work. Unpopular games like Switchblade dont.

Here's the link to the archived (same date)
(I got to the games by clicking Power at Sea, Accolade, Games Home)

edit: if it was my site, Id want the host to PAY ME for having such a unique and popular database on the internet, which generates lots of traffic, rather than have to pay THEM fees.

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