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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Yes, you did.

Yes - a board with a total of four Textool sockets, black solderstop, gold-plated surface, a true innovation in fixing a hardware-related bug that has only been explaned a little over a year ago (the VSP bug).

I wonder why so few people look at energy consumption. I mean, if you look at today's advertising, you get the impression that 5% or 10% saving is a lot. Cutting power consumption by over 70% appears to be drown in "april fool's joke fears". Why isn't "responsible use of electricity" a topic?


personally after over 20 years of using these im not really all that concerned about energy efficiency,although the more important problem of the faulty power supply taking out half the board is a problem on the original...

is there a reason it cant be shipped with a cpu and sid? or do you think they are hard to get.considering your using the original vic ii memory and cia's

the price point is a factor to me though,i wont pay that sort of money for a incomplete board,considering i can get a few original ones for far less than that.

as for the other points you have brought up,there of no interest to me.
the original works fine as is.
as is yours,it does exactly what the original did and nothing more.
and i would still have to source a cpu and sid and case plus keyboard at an extra cost.
which basically means stripping a machine of its guts to get this expensive board working as new from the factory just to be able to use a modern supply? not for me,im not that big a fan.
it maybe ok with a semi dead board "if" the cpu and sid still worked on it.

its a nice product,its just too expensive for what it actually is.

maybe you could explain this "bug" that makes the original inferior to the one you remade,does it effect the visual appearance on screen in some way,that an everyday user would appreciate?

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