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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
so,did i read that right?
Yes, you did.

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
the board is not fully populated for the 149 euro's,and have to get the cpu and sid?

so thats £123.56 roughly, for a board with no cpu,no sid and no case?
Yes - a board with a total of four Textool sockets, black solderstop, gold-plated surface, a true innovation in fixing a hardware-related bug that has only been explaned a little over a year ago (the VSP bug).

I wonder why so few people look at energy consumption. I mean, if you look at today's advertising, you get the impression that 5% or 10% saving is a lot. Cutting power consumption by over 70% appears to be drown in "april fool's joke fears". Why isn't "responsible use of electricity" a topic?

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