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The date for the news release was chosen in order to make people talk if it's real or not. The Wiki page was added a few days later to give a clear sign that it's not a joke.

Adding VGA/HDMI would have involved adding a Chameleon, which is a platform in itself. The target of the project was to have a replacement for existing, non-working motherboards. Schematics were only to be changed where the main functionality is not changed, and where changes to the case aren't required. If there's one big headline for this project, it's "keep it original". If you ask for a feature and want it in this board, then convince me with an original board that has this exact feature.

Most of the requests were for SD-card reader, VGA/DVI/HDMI monitor output, stereo-SID and PS2 keyboard/mouse connector. Further, many of those requests were combined with questions for a lower price. It doesn't work like that - you can't make more for less money. Essentially, these people were asking for a Chameleon (a 239,90 EUR product) that goes into a C64 case for even less than 149,- EUR. Sorry, but unless I get pre-paid orders for 100k units, that's out of the question.

As for "Amiga boards like this" - you surely don't mean AGA boards that go into a C64 case, right ;-)?

Jokes aside, new Amiga mainboards with real Amiga chipsets are on my agenda. I have lots of chipsets in stock that should be put to good use. However, I doubt that this is going to happen this year, because I have too many other projects to finish before I can turn to that.

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