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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
That seems to work quite well. Super72 Super-High Res (800×300) is now shown doubled which is nice. Would it be possible to tweak that feature to also work with HighGfx? Currently HighGfx super-high res (1024×384) is not shown doubled.

Also, I noticed that with the HD720 monitor driver (in the HighGfx archive), HD720 high res (640×360) is shown doubled in both width and height. Resolution mode in display settings is set to SuperHires. Manually changing the res mode to Hires doesn't change anything (it remains set to SuperHires). Having that mode doubled in width is probably a good thing though.
Strange modes (HD/HighGfx) should now work better.

Manual option change is currently overridden by automatic system (if mode is programmed mode).
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