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Originally Posted by mrbob2 View Post
"Just in case anyone hasn't heard, the Lemon sites are apparently down due to Kim deciding to change the sites' host... so they will be back, it's just a question of when not if "

soooo.. its a case of when
Maybe. All the rumours about a host change are based on two conversations site admins have had with Kim over a week ago. Apart from that, Kim has not laid anything definite on the table.

So all bets are off. Like DH says we don't know anything until Kim actually drops in somewhere to offer some concrete information, or the sites pop back in to existence.

Kim dropped out of having anything to do with the lemon sites some time ago, I suppose just naturally losing interest and having a different life. This is why I am unsurprised the sites haven't come back yet. A host change is a fair bit of work, but it doesn't take weeks to do. If Kim doesn't have the interest anymore, things will take a long time as it is no longer a priority for him.

The other thing I already mentioned that would put a serious damper on things is not having access to the database and web server on poundhost. If I was a host and I suspended your account, I wouldn't be letting you download your data and disappear until you paid up those overdue fees.

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