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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
The site says 'Will be right back soon...' If it wasn't coming back they wouldn't write that right?
They didn't write it, that's the stock page for a suspended account on poundhost. Kim never wrote those words.

Other rumours are that Kim is moving to new servers. Like I mentioned on my previous first post on this thread, these things take time, there's no need to panic and create a new forum until you know more details imo.
I love Lemon 64 as much as the next C64 fan but I think you are overeacting to the situation and need to just sit tight and be patient.
I didn't create the new forum But kudos to the guy who did, it's nice that someone has done that. No-one is panicking, no-one is overreacting. I'm sure lemon will be back, but it's good to be pro-active on these things.
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