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Even though it was the same story it was still interesting to hear it from Dave. Looks like the presentation may have been longer; like Commodore The Movie in a smaller space. At any rate, I'm so glad someone filmed it and we got to see it.

@ Higgy. Surprisingly, I cant think of many other companies outside of Commodore that had technology on the shelf or cancelled except for Atari. They had micro-revisions of their line-up when the only real ones to survive on the market were 2600 and 800 machines. The atari console market crashed and they didnt recover until the plans for the A1000 (minus the blitter chip) fell into their hands and they made the ST Amiga clone (as Dave says in the video). The playstation was redeveloped from the original 1988 SNES CD-rom add-on idea to a full platform, thanks to one of Nintendos guys (Kutaragi) who took his SNES sound chip and designed a new chipset for them based on an upgraded 3DO model (3DO was ironically designed by Amiga guys Dave Needle, RJ Michel, Dave Morse etc). There are no Sony revision prototypes 'on the shelf'.

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