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Well, one "yes" out of six possibles is slightly better than none at all I guess.

To those people who say that the Toaster does this, that and the other, whereas the this modern XYZ brand doesn't, ask yourself one thing.

Are you comparing like for like?

In it's day the Toaster combo was never an affordable 'home' or small business solution. It cost a lot of money, on top of everything else you had to have. If you can work out what a Toaster would have cost in todays money, find a solution that costs the same and then make comparisons.

How many "realtime" effects can a Toaster do simultaneously? In reality, realtime effects are just number crunching. They can be generated by the host cpu, and if you happen to have two or more fast P4s or Athlon MP's (or G4s or UltraSparcs etc) in one box, or even two or more machines working in unison... does the old toaster compete?

If anybody seriously thinks that technology hasn't moved on in the last ten years, perhaps they need to get out more.
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