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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
What is the point in creating yet another forum, there are loads of Commodore forums on the internet still,, Classic Amiga EAB, Commodore is Awesome to name just a tiny few, and they all have places on them where you can post about Commodore 64.
Two of those sites are dedicated Amiga forums and one is a general purpose Commodore forum. It ain't the same as having a dedicated C64 forum with it's many sub forums.

You are missing the point of lemon64.

Do you really think people are gonna swarm to brand new made forum
It takes literally years to get a new forum established like Lemon is/was
No I don't. I hope lemon64 comes back. But if anything it can be a place for people to find news about lemon64s status. I am well aware of how long it takes for a forum, if it's lucky, to gain a significant user base.

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