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Originally Posted by lukassid View Post
Bloody hell, C64 scene without Lemon64 sucks
I agree. I've seen the odd person on CSDB proclaim it is a good thing. But I don't believe they mean that, at least I hope they don't.

Just speaking hypothetically, if the worst comes to the worst and lemon64 does not come back in a few weeks. Maybe it would be time then to think about setting up a new forum, hopefully getting the games and comments db from Kim as well.

I have this thought that if the account is suspended, is access being allowed to the database? That would be a show stopper for any host move. I hope he kept some backups.

Originally Posted by lifeschool
ok, if there are any competitioners from the Lemon64 site, please see the new Berzerk Redux thread.
Thanks for the effort. Would've been happy to contribute to the compo here on EAB. Dynamites position is understandable though.
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