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Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
The site is back up, although Harrison is still finishing some tasks off and the forums have not been switched back on yet. This should happen later today.

@ DH

There will probably be a lot more tinkering required before we're happy with it.
I'm sure there will be, when we moved over to vB4 there was a lot of code broken, so it was really a case of, re-coding everything again, sometimes in a different place too to get the same effect.

Anyway, be great to see it back up, and to see what you have implemented too, maybe pop over to our forums here and have a look there, maybe something of interest I/we could help you with, although I would imagine you'll not have the need.

EDIT: Obviously from an Admins point of view, there's a hell of a lot more to see than just a regular user, or unregistered user, can see.
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