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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Good for him, I was serious as to whats so great about the video toaster since I have never seen or used one.

I just hope it doesnt turn into one of those solid state vs tube amp bullshit sessions the elite audio people get into. Audio and video is subjective, crunching numbers is not.
The Amiga Video Toaster has something that most editing solutions on the PC & Mac don't have today, a real-time switcher, this allows you to switch in realtime between 4 video sources. Also it has hundreds upon hundreds of realtime digital video effects (DVE's) and add-on packs are available at a very low cost. Most editing systems on Mac and PC have a few if any realtime effects. Also included is a realtime 10NS CG. Also the design of the user interface will have you editing video fast while people with other solutions will still be struggling trying to fiqure out what the pull down menus do in thier PC/Mac editing solution. An Amiga based Video Toaster Flyer system is very nice if you can't affrod to get the new Video Toaster [2] system for the PC. I have both and they work together as one powerful video editing solution. If you find a Amiga Video Toaster Flyer system available used at a good price buy it fast you will love it. Even though I have the new super powerful Video Toaster [2] for Windows 2000/Xp I will not get ride of my Amiga 4000T Video Toaster Flyer system.
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