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Nobody in their right mind would use equipment that is not supported for anything critical to their paychecks.

Are there places that still service, sell, repar amiga/toaster devices? Is the company that made the toaster still around?

When I worked for a company that made semiconductor process equipment we serviced some very old OMRON controllers (full din) the company had purchased from the Omron factory cheaply as they were phased out. Quite a few chip production companies used those controllers in their old equipment (they were used on custom chips not the latest pentiums) and came to us for repair/recalibration. As long as we repaired/replaced thier defective units they were kept in use, after we ran out of parts there was a wholesale dumping and replacement of the equipment because nobody wanted to use equipment that was unsupported for production work.

It takes time and money for a company to quit one platform and move to another. You need to know each systems quirks and relearn how to do "your thing"' with the new equipment. But in the long run its always better to dump what you know if you cant get it serviced unless your techs know it inside out and you have a huge stock of spares sitting on the shelf. All that buys you is time to qualify another vendor/system for your eventual abandoning of the current system.
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