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Reality check please.

Realistically, the only questions that you need to ask are along these lines:

Are Toasters still produced and can you buy one, commercially, brand new and under warranty?

Can you buy an Amiga 2000/4000 new and under warranty to which you can attach the above?

Is there any official technical support for both these products?

Is it possible to produce identical or better results using other products?

Do these other products satisfy the availability, warranty and support criteria?

Is it cheaper, easier and/or faster to use these other products?

If you were going to set up a video production company, or a project where cost, time and productivity were priorities... you would ask these or similar questions.

Of course, simply because something is technically (and technologically) obsolete, does not render it useless. It can still be used. It will probably function for many years to come. But that still does not mean it is the best solution. Otherwise every TV/film production company worldwide would still use Amiga/Toaster combinations.
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