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It's just a software update. v1.08 was released when I posted the message. I made a change today to add the batch conversion of .scp flux image files to .adf format. v1.09 has now been released. Just run the SCP program and select UPDATE SOFTWARE (if you don't have the auto-update feature enabled). Don't forget that Amiga flux images will need to be at least 2 revolutions to convert to ADF format. So, you will need to use the SPLICE copy mode for standard Amiga disks. 99% of copy protected disks copy and image just fine with the INDEX copy mode. Amiga disks are rare in that they are not created with any reference to the index mark. Almost all commercially produced disks were created on machines that always used the index mark to start/stop tracks, so a single revolution is all that is needed to copy/image these disks.

I am working on the WD1772 decoder right now. That support will add sector images (like .adf) for Atari ST (.ST/.MSA), TRS-80 (.dsk), IBM 720K/1.44MB/Roland keyboard/etc. etc (.img). Next, I will be adding the recovery for the C64/128 and Apple II disks, then for the Atari 400/800, TI-99/4A, and a few others.

More and more emulators are starting to support the .scp image file format, so I am not sure how worth while it is to support many more different conversion formats. The HxC floppy emulator software also supports read/write of the .scp image format. So, you can use that to convert to/from .scp and dozens of disk image formats.

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