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Here's the latest.

Dear Kickstarter backers.

Another update. GREAT news this time.

One thing I know about retro computer enthusiasts: we are a patient bunch. So, yeah. Thanks for your usual patience. For those who are not Amiga or retro fans, I thank you as much, if not more.

This film is going to be a hit. It's not only a great story about this weird computer, it's a compelling, human story about technology. We're already getting applause for this film in rough form. It's coming out WAY better than I expected.

Did I mention the film has really great animation created by talented British artists? Sensational music from several skilled composers? That it was shot all over the United States, Holland and Germany? That too. It's all in there.

I've got a special link just for backers here. It includes a chapter as it will appear in final form. And as you can see, it really shines. All the chapters will have this level of polish when we are finished. This chapter is upbeat and flashy. It appears about 18 minutes after the film. other parts are more emotional and reflective. Like I said, the story has been edited. It's just the visual inserts now. And this chapter will get a final visual polish from experienced broadcast technicians before final release. We already have the people to do it on board.

<backers youtube link was here>

We expect to be finished with all editing in the fall of this year. This is ONE chapter, and we have about 17. They all are this strong. Just have to add all the polishing now!

I am delivering on my promise of making a really great film about the Amiga. And you guys made it happen. Thank you again for your donations.

We are killing this! Everyone is telling me to keep going. We really have a good movie here.

Ok, so I saw the video. It opens with a karaoke version of Duran Duran's Hungry Like The Wolf (I sent them a mesage to get the real intrumental over the fake one as it makes things sound a bit cheap). The video continues with the usual Amiga stallwarts walking about how futuristic the Amiga was and how far ahead of the Macs and PC with 3D animation and sound trackers. There then follows a story about how a school teacher could not believe a demo made by a student was actually done on a home computer; whilst showing FastTracker on screen (which was a PC DOS only program - Oops!). The video continues with more 3D effects super-imposed onto an A2000 screen; with a glimpse of a dancing girl (like on the State of the Art demo) and the Juggler Demo; while the guys talk about how advanced the Amiga was. Finally it goes on to say "The Amiga demolishes" all other home PCs, and then we end with a dolly tracking shot of a row of Amigas.

In general I enjoyed the video but there was a little audio clipping in places and the karaoke backing and FastTracker images kinda took the edge off it and spoiled it a little. Having said all that, its still great to be able to see these rushes at last and that the fans get some feedback. The final movie will be much better than this demo of course and is still scheduled for October/November 2014.

In other news, I'm still liasing with the From Bedrooms to Billions crew and they are still very much on target for a Summer (July 2014) release.

The A1000 also has its 30th anniversary on July 23rd 2015.
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