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Now got GSX750F :))
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Yes I know, I've got a Pinnacle DC10 w/ Studio7 and the the same facilities on the ASUS V8200, and while I can do things with them that cant be done as fast/as well with an A4K and toaster, the important thing to remember is that the toaster is full(NTSC) broadcast quallity and that is still expensive. If Argentina doesn't use NTSC, a high-quality PAL conversion on the final mix would give full broadcast quality PAL as well.

All the kit mentiond is fine for semi-pro/amature work, but having trained professionally with a £250,000 (1986 price) video suite, I know the difference between semi-pro and full bradcast and it's worth the extra if your work is good enough. Espesialy if you're going to make money with it!
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