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I tried switching on the fly via CLI & no-startup 50+ times and could not reproduce.

Then I restarted winuae with winlog enabled, loaded WB and proceeded to load/quit whdload games to try and force guru.. still nothing after 50 attempts. Then I had the idea to have Dopus 4 running in the background (since this is true to my usual environment.) Strangely the first attempt of quitting a whdload game resulted in guru.. I'll attach the log for the whole session. (Had to archive it because over 100k)

Problem is:
A) Afterwards, I still couldn't reproduce the problem with Dopus 4 running in BG.

B) When it guru'ed the first time I ran beta 14 I was not even launching from workbench - the game was launched via wbrun with no-startup..
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