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Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Toni, switching modes on the fly is still not entirely stable compared to beta 9 and previous releases.

When I quit any whdload programs it will randomly crash. (CE off, JIT on).
Launching programs is fine. (CE on, JIT off).
Most of the time it will guru straight away, but system can also become generally unstable producing errors like "please insert volume 'DH0'.

It's hard to reproduce - happens randomly, maybe 1/10 attempts to switch from CE to JIT. In beta 14 it happened the first time I try to launch a game

Sorry for not posting this after your last update, I wanted to wait for beta 14 since the issue is so hard to reproduce!
Can you duplicate it easily if you run uae-configuration manually (using as simple parameters as possible) in CLI to switch modes. It should be much quicker than using whdload.
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