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Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
I dont understand to have AGA support and no '020 code...
A bit useless. What do you think?
I doubt they have an AGA core, they're just saying the board *could* run AGA core. AFAIK there is no publicly accessible / opensource AGA core. The only one is from Yaqube for the FPGA arcade, and it isn't certain when / if that will be available for others.

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
chaos am I right in thinking there's a more up to date (2010) (non ARM version) core download on this page - PGL100818 Pic firmware supporting FYQ100818 FPGA core adding support for alternate core loading but without support for turbo keyboard switching - Oct 2010 PGL100818 Pic firmware supporting FYQ100818 FPGA core - Oct 2010 - YQ100818 FPGA core file - Aug 2010
Looks like it Sorry, I'm not too familiar with the original PIC firmware and I never worked on it. The PIC is also a little too slow to support most of the advanced features of minimig, especially the hard disk support is much slower than with ARM, but it is available.

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