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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
Could these boards be used with a normal floppy drive? I have an external drive that needs a new board.

Would it be possible to create a board that suports HD disks?
That's one thing I'm going to be investigating today. My gut feeling is that it will work.

I don't think it would be possible to attach a HD to a floppy port directly, although you could attach one via a Gotek drive.

Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
Boo Boo has a point though. A LOT of trackloading games aren't going to work from DF1.

As a second drive for games that support disk 2 in DF1, probably very useful though. It was sweet having a second drive back in the day.
It's not just about games. Still, I would be interested in seeing a list of those games if anyone has compiled one. Perhaps this issue has been blown a little out of proportion.

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