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Hrt-Mon refresh in Tracer broken

The trace mode in the built-in HRT-Mon doesn't work correctly in the latest official WinUAE (2.7.0) version, the refresh (I suppose) is broken so the results displayed on screen are incorrect.

How to reproduce:

1. Use any 1200/4000 config with HRT-Mon enabled (windowed/full screen doesn't matter, I'm always using windowed mode, JIT/MMU settings don't make a difference either but I turned both off for testing).

2. Activate Hrt-Mon, press F7 to enter the tracer and press cursor down to single-step, the problem will show almost instantly. Sometimes the screen will be completely blank (i.e. no instructions shown at all), sometimes it shows wrong output (incorrect commands/addresses).

Would be nice to have this fixed as the tracer is more or less unusable like this. If more info is required let me know.
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