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I voted sfs - bet that was a surprise

I used pfs (early V4) for 3 months and got fed up with having a trashed partition every few weeks

the only technical advantage of pfs is the 199 file limit to it's recovery drawer, where sfs only gives you 50 files.

I've been using sfs for 18 months, I've had 1 trashed partition (that was my fault), I'm using it on the following drives:

seagate IDE 12Gb as a single partition
seagate SCSI 4Gb as a single partition (for iso's)
Fujitsu SCSI 18Gb, 6 partitions (3 x 4Gb, 1Gb for sys:, 2 x 2.5Gb)
Fujitsu IDE 10Gb, 4 partitions (1 is 7.5Gb)

The only 'niggle' I had was having to mount the partitions crossing or over the 4 gig limit from dos drivers before OS3.9BB2 came out...
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