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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
When I enable the auto switch mode, many options on this page are disabled.

What I expect is that those options which are now disabled are automatically set to the best possible values and automatically change when the Amiga display changes.
That kind of option can be added to autoresolution menu but current system is not designed for your use case, it is mainly for plain lores/hires/lace modes, not for programmed modes which are very different world. (You were only lucky it appeared to work in your use case)

Enable superhires first (before starting emulation) and you may get what you want, at least in interlaced modes.

By best possible in this context I mean most realistic compared to a real Amiga.
I don't think you really want most realistic results, see below.

As a real Amiga I imagine an A4000 or A1200 connected to a M1438 monitor.
It really isn't that simple. It is the monitor itself that does the scaling (and blurriness..), not the chipset.

This is also exact reason why LCD displays may have strange aspect ratio or huge borders and why Indivision AGA MKII is so complex to configure. (especially if you want integer pixel mapping)

I am also quite sure you had to adjust the monitor (width/height/position) first before display was good enough = it isn't that automatic. You also have to adjust settings again (unless you already did it and monitor has multiple mode memory slots which was quite common in multisync vga monitors) when switching to different programmed mode which most likely have different sync signal positions.

Actually there shouldn't be the need for an option for lores/hires/superhires in WinUAE. WinUAE should automatically choose the best mode depending on the screen mode choosen on the top of the display page so that the display looks most realistic.
Yes, it does. There is no best mode in all situations and switching is not glitch free. Also allowing superhires emulation takes much more resources (even if current mode is not superhires), this is the reason why autoswitch does not use superhires unless superhires was selected at startup. (Maybe 1% of users or less ever use superhires and probably only exception is Super Stardust AGA intro starfield!)

"Realistic" would be bad idea, realistic is not guaranteed 1:1 pixel mapping, no one wants blurry WB applications! (games are different thing and is personal preference)

(It feels like similar questions have been asked and replied 10+ times..)

EDIT: I'll think about some solution that does not need autoresolution (it really does not have anything to do with this option), some kind of option that allows "autoresolution" (hires<>superhires) in programmed modes only. TV-compatible modes should not change.

EDIT2: Just to make it clear, problem is as simple as many programmed modes being "half-width" superhires modes, which will fit in space of normal hires mode screen (normal superhires would not fit). This is special situation where superhires should always autoswitch to keep display correct but it really is special case which isn't that simple to handle without other side-effects. (for example state needs to be remembered so that switch back to "normal" mode would reset back to standard hires)

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