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What do I expect.

When I enable the auto switch mode, many options on this page are disabled.

What I expect is that those options which are now disabled are automatically set to the best possible values and automatically change when the Amiga display changes.

By best possible in this context I mean most realistic compared to a real Amiga.

As a real Amiga I imagine an A4000 or A1200 connected to a M1438 monitor. This monitor is able to correctly display almost any screen mode the AGA chipset can create. And I expect WinUAE to be able to do the same. So if I open a lores display, the M1438 displays it filling almost the entire screen with a small border around it. If I change to hires, the display covers exactly the same area of the screen, but has twice as many pixels horizontally. If I switch to interlaced the same happens vertically. And if I switch to Super72, the display covers the entire screen and all pixels are displayed. Your "fix" makes Super72 unusable because you always have to manually switch beween hires/superhires when the screenmode changes. And it is not a fix because it is not like this on a real machine.

Actually there shouldn't be the need for an option for lores/hires/superhires in WinUAE. WinUAE should automatically choose the best mode depending on the screen mode choosen on the top of the display page so that the display looks most realistic.
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