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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Non-interlaced modes are forced to single line mode.
But that is exactly how it was designed to do. Display horizontal and vertical mode is set to be as small as possible without losing pixels. Made for game/demo purposes where most screens are lores/non-laced but title/loading/etc screens may be in hires for best performance and quality. (Doubling using filter panel is faster than software based doubling)

Non-interlaced: single (nothing is lost in single mode)
Interlaced: double (need both lines or every other pixel line would be lost)

Same for horizontal: if lores, use lores mode, if hires (even if there is single mostly invisible line of hires), select hires mode.

I think you expected it to do something different?

EDIT: I can't see any difference between latest beta and 2.6.1 with autoswitch enabled. (Except Super72 which was "fixed")

EDIT2: Of course I always use windowed mode, I never test using fullscreen until it is 110% confirmed it is required.

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