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This new resolution detection/switching or not switching is terrible!

Please allow a combination of options so that PAL:Hires 640x256, PAL:Hires Interlaced 640x512 and Super72:Superhires Interlaced 800x600 are all displayed with correct aspect ratio without manual intervention! Actually all screen modes from Storage/Monitors should be displayed with correct aspect automatically.

And please don't disable vertical line mode options when horizonzal resolution autoswitch is enabled. At least not until it works correctly. Currently vertical line mode is always switched to "single" when autoswitch is enabled.

And what shall these "10% 33% 66%" options mean? I don't see any difference.

Actually the autoswitch option is of no use and never was. But at least up to now the modes mentioned above worked with autoswitch disabled. This has been destroyed now, too.
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