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Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
I think we need this type of hardware. Our old Amigas start to fail. I have fear if all our Amigas died and the world become dark and cold.
eeeerm....any info?
Yep they aren't going to last forever

ACube Systems: Pictures of Minimig-Plus board
Massimiliano Tretene by ACube Systems has published two pictures of the "Minimig +". In November the FPGA-board with a DragonBall-Super-VZ-processor was announced and is supposed to have the power of a 68030-processor with 30 MHz and unlike its previous issue providing sufficient space for an AGA-core.

Additional to 32 MB RAM (extensible up to 64 MB) and 8 MB Chip-RAM, it features two USB-ports, network connection, realtime clock, two SD-card reader and 18-Bit video output.
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