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Originally Posted by lifeschool View Post
Yeah, I was wondering if it was possible to loop the master robot room. I guess I should just play normally and see.
I had not thought of that. Interesting idea. I will try to loop back round from underneath the room and re-enter it.

Since the room layout is fixed in 1.18 it would be cool if someone eventually mapped it.

Thanks for the update! I knew this had to be more than some domain name issue, as the domain still works.

This is good - there are lots of hosts out there who do not charge so much for hosting php sites, and some I have found will host for free depending on a few things like a small ad in the bottom corner. I'd rather he used a cheaper host server than go the 'Donate to keep this site Alive' route, where the server fees are paid for by the fans - just because there are ways to get cheaper/free hosting without the overheads. If this is not possible, then I guess using a Donate system like EAB may be helpful. But again - server fees are inflated. The only cost to a server company is the power it takes to keep a server running, and any home PC can be converted to be used as a server without any extra hardware.

Best of luck to Kim, I know something good will come from this.
I think hosting companies charge the earth and make a lot of profit. The company I work for was spending $100 per month hosting an e-commerce website with sql database. I moved it all over to an Amazon cloud server, where you have total control over the server and the cost has come down to $25 per month.

So I guess if I were Kim I'd get a virtual server with Rackspace or Amazon and host it like that.

Anyway I hope it comes back soon I'm getting Lemon64 withdrawal symptoms: Irritability, lack of concentration, headaches, difficulty sleeping

Edit: See the lemon64 Facebook group for news (it's where I got my info from)

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