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I've flashed my second gotek yesterday. It was the same as with the first one, for some reason it didn't work with USB2.0 ports, but when I plugged my USB TTL to USB3.0 it worked from first try and flashing was done in 10 seconds.

I installed the first one in A500 and it's kinda tiresome to get up (I put near the TV) and prod the buttons inside with a screwdriver every so often. So here's the solution, IR remote for gotek

[ Show youtube player ]

This here is just a prototype/concept test with Arduino Uno, final goal is to have small board with ATtiny MCU and fitted inside Gotek. Remote is 1$ mini universal remote from ebay. Only few buttons, but more than enough for gotek .
For starters I'l probably fit it inside, right of the buttons, final board should be only about 1.5 cm x 3 cm so it will fit there. It depends on sensitivity of IR reciever, if it's sensitive enough it could catch signals even without direct line of sight.

Only downside is that display is still not visible. But if need be it can be moved outside along with IR sensor in some small case.
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